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How I Shop For Groceries

How I Shop For Groceries

In my ongoing attempt to help my family eat better and ward off an early period for dear Emma, I have drastically changed the way we eat, which entails shopping smarter.  I’ve had several friends ask how and where I buy my groceries, so I figured it warranted a detailed post for any others that might be interested. … Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef: Northstar Ranch

First, I’d like to send out my thoughts and prayers to everyone encountering Hurricane Sandy.  As a girl from South Texas, I understand the scariness and uncertainty of hurricane season, so my heart goes out to them-especially my ENTIRE family in New York. Now where’s the beef? I found yet another local place to buy … Continue reading

Farmer’s Markets and CSAs

Farmer’s Markets Last weekend, Emma and I made a trip to a local Farmer’s Market in a city 15 miles away, called Denton.  I’ve had my fair share of doing the HUGE Dallas Farmer’s Market but I thought I would find somewhere local closer.  We don’t quite live in the sticks but we are 30 … Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef: Rehoboth Ranch

Who’s up for a road trip?  Anyone?  Apparently I was.  Lucky for Emma she just gets to tag along and hang out in the backseat checking for horses and cows. For quite some time, I have been wanting to get my mitts on some grass-fed beef from a local source since you don’t exactly know where it comes … Continue reading