8 Homemade Natural Gifts For The Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I love making my own products…especially when I know it’s free of chemicals and is in some cases cheaper (see homemade toothpaste, broth, milk, nut butters, etc).  And as much as I like to make it myself, it wasn’t until my crunchy mama friend, Melanie, suggested we get together and make some homemade gifts for the loved ones in our lives.  Not sure why it didn’t dawn on me before, but I was in!  She came up with some good ideas, like face cream and sugar scrub, while I found some easy mixes for cookies, mulling spices, and hot cocoa.Homemade Natural Gifts

This year I couldn’t stop finding MORE things to make, especially since I wanted to share them with you in a collective post.  I know things like this can be intimidating, but once you round up the ingredients (or you already have them on hand), there’s no stopping you!

It can get tricky to find people to give them to…not everyone is crunchy may like something that’s homemade, especially if they don’t know what some of the ingredients are, but don’t let that stop you.  They best thing about what I made last year was that I gave them to people I hadn’t really considered.  My mother-in-law was over the moon about the 2-ingredient lotion and our holistic pediatrician loved the face cream I gave her (I made sure to ask if she accepted gifts first).  So, don’t despair, you probably have more people on your list than you might think.  Give these a try and share some natural products this holiday season.

1) 2-Ingredient Lotion

2-Ingredient Lotion

As you may well be aware, I am a HUGE fan of pretty much everything Megan, from The Detoxinista, makes.  So, it’s no surprise that her recipe makes the cut for this list.  I will say that I have made it twice now, the first with olive oil, and the second with avocado oil–both work great.  This time around I added some Frankincense and lemon essential oils to give it a nice relaxing scent for its user.

2) Tallow Face Cream

Tallow Face Cream

My friend Melanie is the one who gets the credit for finding and making this amazing creation.  She made sure to find a good grass-fed source for the tallow (beef or mutton fat) and took the liberty of rendering it and adding in the essential oil blend.  I don’t remember exactly what she used, but I know the geranium essential oil really stood out and is heavenly!  This cream was the gift I gave to our pediatrician and she mentioned she loved it the next time we visited her.

3) Gluten-Free Cookies in a Jar (Paleo, Vegan)

Cookies in a jar

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Amiright?  This recipe is sheer genius from The Detoxinista and I know a dear friend of mine who appreciated it when I gave it to her, especially because her son is gluten and dairy free.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to whip up a batch of cookies from scratch, so this is perfect to give a busy mom or grandparent who wants something fun and easy to do with kids.

4) Hot Cocoa Mix (Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan, AIP Adaptation)

Hot Cocoa Mix Dairy-free

I can’t remember how I came across this recipe, but I am so glad I did!  I pretty much had everything needed to make this, including the packet of powdered coconut milk (I randomly found at Sprouts).  I did end up buying the vanilla, but I’m guessing that you could probably leave it out in the end, especially if you’re trying to save some dough re me.  I made sure to test this with Emma and she totally approved!  Hopefully this will pass for those people in your life who can’t tolerate dairy.  *Here’s an easy 2-ingredient recipe if you’re not wanting to spend too much.

5) Mulling Spices (For Spiced Cider or Mulled Wine)

Mulling Spices

This idea came to me when I was out for a friend’s birthday and she tried mulled wine for the first time.  The city had just had a Wasail event and the bartender had some leftover spices that she let us sample.  My friend had a glass of red wine and asked if she should pour it in there.  I told her yes, and she loved it!  Josh and I have always bought the premade mulling spices from Williams-Sonoma, but I figured it was pretty easy (and much cheaper) to make it myself.  You can include a mesh strainer/tea ball with it or sew it up in some cheesecloth to make individual sachets.  Printable tags are here.

6) Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

I know not everyone gets to spend a lot of time in the shower, especially when you have little ones running around, but it is nice to treat yourself now and again.  I was excited that Melanie put it in our list of gifts to make since I had never made a sugar scrub before.  This recipe is from the knowledgeable Mommypotamus and the smell of it is amazing…just make sure you don’t eat it 😉

7) Homemade Facial Cleanser

Homemade Facial Cleanser

I’ll admit it, I don’t usually use any sort of cleanser when it comes to cleaning my face these days.  I barely use water when I stop and think about it, so this cleanser seemed easy and fun to make.  Once again, I happened to have the ingredients on hand except for the soap pump.  I had recently bought one at Hobby Lobby to use for my dish soap, so I grabbed another one for this special project when I was out and about.  What really drew me to this was the cute jar she had the soap in.  I love being crafty and this was a perfect craft to do with Emma.  I let her paint the first coat with some Devine Color paint from Target (the color is Devine Pond), while I came back with the second coat to make sure you couldn’t see through it.  I don’t use it often but it sure looks cute on my counter.

8) Miracle Salve for Dry, Cracked Skin (Eczema)

Miracle Salve

I absolutely adore this recipe and its creator–Miss Kelly from Primally Inspired!  I have made this salve at least three times since discovering it and have given most of it away.  It’s great for Eczema, dry feet, and is especially wonderful for diaper rash.  I have used it on Sophia to act as a thick barrier when trying to heal her of a particularly nasty rash on her bum.  I also like to use this on my hands and feet before going to bed each night, especially during wintertime.

Whew!  I hope I have inspired you to get crafting in the kitchen and make some of these fun natural gifts!  You never know who will appreciate something that came from the heart versus being store-bought.

Notes: I bought most of these items at Natural Grocers/Whole Foods/Sprouts/etc., but they could totally be ordered online.  The craft tags, ribbon, and jars can be found at Hobby Lobby or your local craft store. 

What about you? Do you make any gifts for the holidays or do you prefer to take care of your gift with the click of a mouse?

4 thoughts on “8 Homemade Natural Gifts For The Holidays

  1. Yah, I get mentioned on your blog, and twice! I feel so honored! I do make that Sugar Cookie scrub and can’t do without it, and Capriana loves it too! Still using my leftover tallow face cream too. I have never even heard of mulled wine, can you believe that?!? Now I must try it!

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