Primal Kitchen’s Paleo Mayo

Oh man, can I tell you about the best tasting mayonnaise on the market right now?  I’m not normally one to gush over mayo but holy cow this stuff is good!  It’s so good that Emma likes to eat it straight from the jar (on occasion I do, too).  This yummy condiment I’m referring to is Primal Kitchen’s Paleo Mayo.


This stuff is legit!  It was designed and made by Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple, and if you haven’t discovered this guy’s blog, go there STAT…after reading this post, of course.  This guy is one of the purveyors of the Paleo/Primal movement and I love getting inspired by his blog posts.  He touts the 80/20 rule which means you can allow yourself a healthy cheat once in a while.  You don’t want to go so nuts with a lifestyle that you become withdrawn and eventually lose your focus.  He is the author of The Primal Blueprint, and if you haven’t read it, go check it out.   It made my Fall edition reading list, so you may have briefly heard about it.

So, if you remotely have an idea of what’s in regular mayo (it is dairy-free), it can look like this:

  • soybean or canola oil*
  • whole eggs and egg yolks
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • sugar
  • lemon juice
  • calcium disodium (huh?)
  • natural flavorings (that’s vague)

*Confused by “may contain canola and/or soybean oil”? Us too. Canola oil comes from rapeseed, a completely unpalatable seed rich in erucic acid, which is bitter and rather toxic. Canola oil is rapeseed oil stripped of erucic acid. Canola processing generally uses heat higher than 500 degrees, which means a good portion of healthful omega-3s are actually rancid—and toxic—by the time the product hits the shelf! Unfortunately, this blend of industrial seed oils is present in practically every packaged and processed food.-The Primal Blueprint


With less than stellar ingredients, it makes sense to make your own, right?  Well, not everyone likes to Make It Yourself like I do, so that’s where this tasty jar comes into play.  It only has four ingredients (and is soy-free!), all which you can pronounce, and it tastes amazing!  I never thought I would care to eat mayo straight out of the jar, but I have been adding a dollop to my meat while doing my Whole30 challenge, to give me another healthy fat option at each meal.


I have yet to see it in stores, but know it can be pricey.  I found it on Thrive Market for $7.45, so if you want to try it but not spend the whole $10, grab a jar from there.  So far, I’ve had success using it in my tuna salad, salmon salad and eating it off the spoon on top of my bun-less burgers.  It took me a long time to use it all up because I was hoarding it and hated to see the bottom of the jar.  Ha!

I have since used it up and am toying with the thought of buying more.  I’m a make it yourself kind of gal, and have made my own mayo twice now, but just knowing there is a product out there with optimal ingredients makes this crunchy mama smile.   It’s a perfect addition to my Paleo fridge.


Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.  Since I’m headed to the Paleo f(x) this weekend, I’m thinking of getting Mr. Sisson to sign my jar.  Whatcha think…a bit too much 😉

Note: I was sent a free jar but wasn’t paid or perked for this.

2 thoughts on “Primal Kitchen’s Paleo Mayo

  1. I have been wanting to buy some of this, and am hesitant because Mike does not like mayo (weird, I know) so I am not sure how much I would use it. Does it have a ‘use by’ date?

    I am sure he would love to sign your mayo! Can’t wait to hear all about PaleoFX?

    And I have been meaning to make some Brazilian rolls too, must do that this weekend!

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