How To Eat On A Whole30…And Starting One On April 6th!

Remember when I did my Whole30 post last year?  Well, guess what?  I’m planning to do another one but this time I want to invite you to join me!  I have a good group going so far, but wanted to see if you’d be interested.  I decided to wait until after Easter since it will be a big change for some.  If you have no idea what it’s about, check out my post, read/listen to the book, and scour the Whole30 site for all the ins and outs.

Whole30 start day: April 6, 2015

I like to call the Whole30 ‘Paleo on steroids’ because while it is paleo, the Whole30 is a no nonsense way of eating for 30 days.  No paleo treats.  No paleo remakes.  Just a restart to how you’ve been eating.  The 30 days help you defeat your ‘sugar dragon,’ focus on eating whole foods that basically have one ingredient, and reset your body.  I promise it can be done.  All it takes is a little thought, a little prep and a little accountability.

what you can't eat on a whole30

To give you ideas of how to eat, check out how I ate when I did mine last October.  I have definitely learned a lot more since joining a group on facebook, so this time around, I’ll be better prepared to help you.  Here’s a visual of what your plate should look like:

Whole30 plate

That’s how it has to be all the time, every time.  Forget what you thought about having for breakfast, but think of it as Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3.  You shouldn’t need to snack because the fat and protein will carry you through each meal.  And as I said before—YOU CANNOT EAT PALEO TREATS!  No smoothie, no paleo ice cream or scoop of almond butter with some apples to tide you over-that’s a treat not a meal.


So, if you do this right you could see some amazing results!  I’ve seen people post before and after pics and am blown away!

Whole30 meal

Make sure you read or listen to the book and check out the Whole30’s website for clarifications.  I’m still learning the exact rules, but know if you stick with mainly meat (grass-fed/pasture-raised/organic, if possible), a boatload of veggies, and healthy fats (avocado n s/raw nuts/coconut), then you should have no problem.

Whole30 cooking fats

Avocado oil, coconut oil & ghee

It’s important to know what you can use to cook with (note: olive oil doesn’t have as high of a smoke point as coconut or avocado oil…so save it for salads) and have them in stock.  I’m planning to also render some lard from the pig we got two year’s ago, so I have another fat for cooking in my arsenal.

pork belly and eggs for breakfast

You will have to be careful of compliant foods, like bacon, having sugar in their ingredients, so keep a look out.  I was fortunate enough to find pork belly (think plain, thick bacon) from Cross Plants and Produce when visiting my parents in Kyle–so I fried it up with some eggs (as many as you can hold in your hand) and sweet potatoes.  I was probably missing some fat source, but I’ll know better this time.

Days on Whole30

Be aware that you may feel like poo either from the get-go or halfway through or not at all.  Some people claimed to feel miserable the entire time (and not see many results)…probably because they had some serious detoxing to do.  Just know you can do this and that I’ll be here to guide you.


IMG_20141006_131617I went ahead and  created a Facebook group, if you want to join, to hold us all accountable.  You can also follow my Whole30 Pinterest board for inspiration and recipe ideas.  The key will be to be prepared.  If you can batch cook on Sunday, great.  Even if all you do is chop veggies for an entire week, you’re on the right track.  Be sure to check out this post with 50 Freezable Whole30 Recipes!

kettlebell from gofit

Get Physical!

This time around I am planning to get my butt in gear and exercise!  I still have a Groupon to use for Barre3 and a yoga studio, so I plan to finish those up and bust out my kettle bells.  I really want to get stronger, and be a good example to my girls, so this will be good motivation to do so.

It Starts with Food

To wrap this us, let me leave you with some popular blogs and their sites for Whole30 meals.  If you get lost, seek them out, go to the Whole30 website, and join my Facebook group.  You can do this!  I can do this! It’s time to take back our health!

Against All Grain

Nom Nom Paleo

Primally Inspired

Stupid Easy Paleo


Note: Photos from here.

8 thoughts on “How To Eat On A Whole30…And Starting One On April 6th!

  1. I’m on day 5 and I just started rereading the book since I read it 2 years ago and the information isn’t exactly fresh in my mind anymore. Good luck, looking forward to following along 🙂

  2. Jess, I have been close to doing this so many times. I know you have been awesome with the diet of your girls since birth, I have not been that way with my boys. Do you have any tips on children participating or is it best to use a modified version for them? I plan to research more this evening on effect on children, but my main concern is them handling a bit of the detoxing from sugar and it creating behavior issues at school and daycare. Just wanted to get your opinion 🙂

    • I’ll do more research, too. But I wonder if you could trade like items for a better choice. I will give Emma something like a pb cup but it’s organic…so a bit better but still sugar. Maybe give them less and less and/or say, when this stuff is gone, it’s gone. It’s not in the budget this month so I’m not buying it anymore. (Hopefully Brian will support–that’s a HUGE deal.) I try and educate her and talk a lot-don’t know if it helps, but I tell her why we eat certain things and why we don’t . Maybe you could tell Clay that sugar won’t help his soccer performance or something like that. You’d have to tailor it to your boys. Let me think some more and get back to you. You can do this!

  3. I know my son expects dessert almost every night, so I have a healthy treat instead of something with sugar, like frozen fruit, etc. I should do another 30 day reset, but I am not mentally ready for it right now! I am going to do my best though to stay out of the candy jar at work, it is so tempting! Good luck Jessica!

  4. will have to consider this after our trip.. I copied and printed out the Balanced Plate, will go on the refrig as a reminder. Great photos of food, making me hungry.

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