Coconut Citrus Electrolyte Water

Well it looks like the Texas heat has reared its ugly head.  We have been hitting the 90s lately and it’s gettin’ hot in here pretty toasty during the day.  I can’t complain too much, though, since we’ve gotten a reprieve for the first half of the month with cool evenings and gorgeous sunsets.

Texas sunset

But don’t let this fool you…Texas summers can be brutal, and even though I’m a born and raised Texas gal, it still gets tough to bear the summer heat.  You would think that growing up in Corpus Christi, where we lived at the beach year-round with humidity and warm breezes, I’d get used to it.  But it wasn’t until I moved to Dallas almost 9 years ago, that I really understood how hot it was down there.  It gets pretty hot here, but there’s no warm breeze to ‘cool’ you off, it’s just heat weighing you down like a wet sandwich.

So, in order to beat the heat and put some good electrolytes in your body, I give you this tasty beverage.

coconut cooler mug

I will admit, I wasn’t really a fan of coconut water, but once I learned how beneficial it was (like helping in the bathroom), I forced myself to drink it.  Several brands were tried but it wasn’t until I came across Harmless Harvest at my favorite store, that I was hooked.  What I like is that it’s raw with nothing added.  I even got Emma hooked on it, so much so, that she constantly asks for the ice pops that I make for her.

Harmless Harvest raw coconut water

Honestly, this recipe can be made at least 100 different ways…you just need to get creative.  To me, it’s reminiscent of all the detox water recipes floating around, but this one packs more of a healthy punch.

The original recipe included cucumber, but after doing some searching, I discovered that cucumber and water are not copacetic with Ayurveda tradition (it’s toxic to the system).  It is believed that:

Different foods have different types of enzymes and properties like being cold or hot in nature, and eating them together can lead to gastrointestinal distress as well as accompanying symptoms (flatulence, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, etc.). Not only does this distress lead to these symptoms, but also combining inappropriate food over time will generally leave the digestive system weak and dysfunctional. When this dysfunction goes unchecked, the body’s resources for maintaining general health and wellbeing become greatly compromised.

I haven’t delved too deep into these traditions (yet), but I usually skip the cucumber.  Add it if you like, it’s no biggie.  I know people love the refreshing taste of it in their water, so do has you like.  There are so many combinations that I don’t think you will miss it.

Do yourself a favor and gather all the ingredients, organic if possible, and get this made.  You can use a half gallon Mason jar any kind of glass container you may have lying around-the sky’s the limit!

Coconut Citrus Cooler

From Nourishing Origins

coconut water citrus cooler

Using a 1/2 gallon Mason jar add:

  • 1 lemon sliced and halved
  • 1 lime sliced and halved
  • 1 orange sliced and halved
  • 3 – 4 full sprigs of mint (skip it or use spearmint if nursing)
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon of sea salt/Himalayan salt for every 32 ounces (salt added coconut water and water have been added)
  • 16 ounces of coconut water (with or without pulp, but NO preservatives or sugar added)

1. Put first four ingredients in the jar, and use a muddler, end of a wooden rolling pen, or handle of a wooden spoon to press the ingredients just enough to release some of the juices, but not enough to pulverize the fruit into pieces.

2. Add coconut water and fill the remainder of the jar with filtered or spring water.

3. Gently turn the jar over and around to mix the juices better.

4. Let chill in refrigerator for a bit before serving. Flavor intensifies over time, is better after an hour or two of chilling, and even better the next day.

5. Serve over ice if you like it very chilled.

Once you make this recipe, you can adjust the flavors to your liking.  I’ve added strawberries (organic), mango, watermelon, and even pineapple to change it up a bit.  The possibilities are endless with this cooler!

coconut cooler pops

And if you happen to have leftovers or can’t drink it quick enough, go ahead and make some ice pops for you and the kiddos.  Coconut water is WAY better than Gatorade and Pedialyte, so if you’re little one isn’t feeling well, grab one from your freezer and let them suck away!

coconut water pops

2 thoughts on “Coconut Citrus Electrolyte Water

  1. Made the drink this weekend, yummy! And that will be perfect as a “sports” drink too. Next up is to freeze some.

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