Blogiversary II: Keep On Movin’

Watch out now, it’s about to get crazy up in hur as I celebrate my 2nd anniversary of this blog!  It’s been so fun to watch the blog grow and meet new people over the past year, that I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.  Check out last year’s blogiversary here.

In true form, I’m keeping the tradition of letting ya’ll know some of the goals I have for the upcoming year.

First, let’s recap the previous year and see what I did or did not accomplish:

#1) Get A Water Filtration System: In Progress…

I’m still on the hunt for a whole house system but haven’t ruled out the Berkey.  I’ve heard mixed reviews on it, but love the idea that SHOULD we lose water in the house, you can take any water you can find and filter it through there no problemo (supposedly).  I would like to at least get a couple of shower heads that filter out chlorine, in the meantime.  I’ve been using these Vitamin C tablets for bath time with the girls.

#2) Learn To Can: Negative.

This is definitely still an interest of mine, but now that I have two little ones, I’ll see if I can squeeze that in, along with everything else I want to do.

#3) Get a Dehydrator: Check!

dehyrated fruit

I got this little bad boy for my birthday and am in love!  So far, we’ve done a bunch of different kinds of fruit and fruit leathers and love it!  I’ve only tried jerky once but have not given up.  I think that will be one of my goals for this year…

#4) Have a Garden: Double check!

spring garden 2013

There are some things in life that make this girl happy, and a garden happens to be one of them.  Remember this post about having a garden put in?  Yup, it went strong for spring, summer and early fall, but fizzled out in the winter due to my rookiness and being pregnant.  It’s all good though-I will hit the books hard and figure out how to get the ball rolling before the last freeze happens.

#5) Read More: Half check.

baby books

I tried my darndest to read more and was very successful in the pregnancy/baby category, but not so much in the health one.  I did discover a wonderful gardening book, so I will make sure to finish that bad boy before planting time rolls around.

square foot gardening

Bonus: #6) Dance: Kind of.

It was a little tough trying to dance with an extra 40 pounds towards the end of Sophia’s pregnancy, but that did not stop me in the first trimester.  I went out for a girl’s night, when I was three months pregnant, and let’s just say at about 12:30am, the two girls I went with were READY to go.  Not this mama!  I enjoy shaking my tail feathers and was not about to go home til they couldn’t shake anymore.

I do have high hopes since I can now see my feet, though, to get enrolled in a ballet class and/or have more nights of dancing with the hubby.  I would also like to see if Emma is interested in a dance class.  My sister and I started when we were young and those are some of my fondest memories.

So, what about this year, you may ask?  Here are a few I’ve come up with, along with continuing some from last year:

#1) Learn To Sew


I already have a sewing machine, and have sewn some buttons and hemmed a few things, but I really want to learn how to make clothes for the girls.  Emma was gifted a couple of those pillowcase dresses and I would love to make some for Sophia.

#2) Spend Less/Budget

Dave Ramsey envelope system

Check out this post to see what big fans we are of Dave Ramsey and his philosophies.  I want to get better at sticking to the budget I do every month and really hit the envelope system hard.  I can’t wait to do the post on Emma and the Financial Peace Junior she was gifted for her 3rd birthday.

#3) Explore Essential Oils (EOs)

essential oils

I know there’s a whole world out there involving essential oils and I intend to explore it.  I recently made my own Thieves oil and purchased this diffuser that I had heard about from my holistic group, so I can’t wait to delve further.

#4) Cut the Cable Cord

cut the cable cord

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m so over the expense of TV.  I don’t ever have it on during the day (gasp!) except for music channels, so what’s the point?  Plus, there are so many other options like Hula, Netflix, etc. that would still allow us to watch shows/movies, and save a bundle in the process.  I’ve almost got Josh convinced, especially when he hears how much we could save…

#5) Exercise/Play

keep calm and have fun

Having an active toddler and baby makes me want to get out and play more.  I hate how exercising is a chore…I want to go out and play so that it happens to be exercise while having fun.  My hope is to find a hobby that keeps me active and healthy!  I busted out the roller blades last week and had a blast while being a little sore.

So, that’s the plan Stan for the upcoming year.  Hopefully I’ll get to accomplish most if not all of these before my next blogiversary.  You know I’ll keep you posted along the way plus share all the new and exciting things I come across and venture into.

I want to keep growing the blog and sharing tips and tricks as I come across them…so let’s ‘keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on mooovin!’  Thanks for following along/joining me on this crunchy journey.

Note: Photos from herehere, here, here, here, here, and here.

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