I Left My Heart In Austin (Day 3): Olivia

Dude!  I feel like this recap is taking forever, so let’s get on with it shall we?  There are so many more posts that need to be written, that it’s time to let Austin go…but not without this stop first.  See day 1 and day 2 if you have no idea what I’m talking about.


We woke up Sunday morning, after a good night’s rest, and quickly packed our bags to leave our AirBnb house for good.  Knowing I’m at slow at getting ready for everything in the morning, I made sure to get as much done the night before.  We happened to come across Olivia after our first trip to Lick on Friday.  I drove across the street to see if they were open, but no dice. Casey heard about this place from her awesome contact, so we agreed to make it a Sunday morning brunch.  Can I just say we were both ecstatic when we were checking out the parking lot and came across this:

chickens outside Olivia

I’m pretty sure those eggs and veggies were meant for my future breakfast, and we both couldn’t wait to return when they were actually open.

When we arrived on Sunday, we were 30 minutes ahead of our reservation (that never happens with me) but they had no problem seating us.  We kindly notified our waiter about our gluten allergy, he said he was familiar with it, and that they could substitute items if need be.  Once again, we dove right into the menu and did our best to narrow down our choices.

After much drooling debate, Casey went with the Catalan lamb hash and I went with the South Austin Omelette.  They were both divine and totally had us licking our plates!

Catalan lamb hash

omlette from Olivia in Austin

Wait, but we can’t forget the starters.  I ordered Chicken Liver Mousse, a first for me, and they subbed grilled apples for the toast, while Casey ordered a pound side of bacon.  I totally joked that she couldn’t eat that whole thing…um she totally did AND polished off her entire entrée!  I think I’ve met match in the eating world as well.  Can you tell we’re meant to be crunchy friends?

chicken liver pate from Olivia


That pretty much wrapped up our morning, though I think Casey might have asked if we could stop by Lick for the 3rd time, but I can’t be sure.  She had the brilliant idea to stop at Whole Foods to grab lunch before we went to my parents to pick up Emma.  As Celiacs, you can never be too prepared for your next meal, especially when trying to stay away from crap eat Paleo.

If you couldn’t tell, I am in love with Austin and was a little depressed to come home to Dallas.  Not that I don’t think my city is awesome, but since going crunchy, I want more that just sub-par food choices and resources.  I want a city that embraces this lifestyle, where it’s just that, a lifestyle, not a fad.  So, until I can get my butt to Austin, I’ll just have to settle with weekend getaways.  If you live in Austin, give me a shout-I’d love to meet up at a Farmer’s Market and explore more of your beautiful city.

pit stop outside of Austin

What about you?  Have you ever been to any of these places or have I inspired you to go?  If you live in Austin, do you realize all this is around you or is it your norm?  Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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