Why I’m Giving Up Dairy, For Real

There have been lots of changes going on the past few weeks, and now it’s time to get serious.  I know I’ve talked about eating Paleo, which means cutting out dairy, but for some reason, I’ve given myself permission to literally gorge on the stuff.  Those days are no more.  It’s been affecting me AND Emma pretty badly.  I doubt you want to hear my symptoms, but in case you do, here they are:

  • bloating
  • gas
  • constipation
  • yeast (Emma)
  • foul-smelling girl parts (Emma)
  • air in stomach (Emma)

symptoms of dairy intolerance

That last one really got me.  I’ve known she has a bigger belly, as strangers love to point out to me, but Emma’s Pedi said not to worry, so I didn’t.  But, last week I took her to the minor ER to check on her pesky croupy cough that wouldn’t go away.  After she did a chest x-ray (staying still like a champ), the tech showed us the results.  I didn’t think to snap a pic, though it was pretty cool, but I’ll give you the lowdown.  If you remember that I love to show and tell Emma everything, I took this as an opportunity to show baby girl what’s under her skin.  The tech tried to say ‘mom, I’m not interested in that!’  Poor thing doesn’t know I’m an oversharer educator.

We showed Emma her lungs, liver, ribs, and finally stomach.  I asked if it was unusually large and the tech said it was full of air.  What the hell does that mean?  I’m not a clueless person but A) how does one get air in their stomach and B) how the hell do you get it out?  Turns out it’s gas…from none other than the cursed DAIRY!  So it has officially cursed me and my child.  Game over Elsie.

just say no to milk

This revelation, along with my annoying and persistent issues, has made this mama mad.  I’m a stubborn, full-blooded Italian, so you don’t want to mess with me when I get pissed…just ask my hubby.

I knew what I had to do.  It was so easy yet so freakin’ hard.  I’m a self-proclaimed mouse lover of cheese, so this really is no easy feat.  But alas that ship has sailed.  I HAVE TO STOP EATING DAIRY IN ALL SHAPES AND FORMS (and so does Emma).  The kid asks for it constantly, so I know she needs an intervention STAT!

It didn’t help that I just got back from my nutritionist appointment, and had her tell me that dairy is considered crack.  Yes, you read that right: dairy=crack.  Makes sense to me.  I have heard that there is a chemical in breastmilk to makes babies crave it, not necessarily the empty stomach part.  So, if human milk is addictive for humans, then there is definitely something in cow’s milk to make calves crave it.  Well no wonder half the entire population can’t get enough milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc.  We are literally ADDICTED TO IT!  And what does that mean when you’re addicted?  You will go through withdrawals.  Yup, my nutritionist said that I would have withdrawals from the stuff.  Gravy baby, just what I wanted to hear.

It’s cool though, I got this…that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  Um yeah, I’ll keep ya posted on how the rehab goes for me along with the 2-year old.

I know dairy intolerance can go along with Celiac Disease, so it only makes sense that it would affect Emma and myself.  I was doing so well last year with being off of it, but somehow was led astray.  The pain has to stop here and now.

got milk?

It has always bothered me that humans drink another animal’s milk.  We’re even told as parents to give our kids cow’s milk when they turn one (which we didn’t do).  What in the world for?  We constantly hear how we should get three servings of dairy a day for good bone health.  Wait, so bovine milk has more calcium than leafy greens?  I think not.  I’m pretty sure the cavemen didn’t have access to squirts of calves’ food before heading out for the big hunt.  Try again dairy industry.  It’s amazing what gets drilled into our brain when we watch ad after ad, and see celebrity after celebrity get paid to say ‘it does a body good.’  BS!

So, I ask you, are you addicted to dairy?  Do you think you could stop if it made you sick (if it’s not already)?  Can you do without your chips and queso at parties, your cheese and crackers for noshing, or your big ole glass of cow juice first thing in the morning?  Maybe it’s time to rethink what ‘they’ tell us is good for us.

Note: Photos from herehere, and here.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m Giving Up Dairy, For Real

  1. huh… I’ve been trying to give up dairy for the last week since I suspect my baby is sensitive to it. And it is HARD. Well, actually, it’s been fine except for one thing- milk in my tea. I love black tea! So sad!

  2. I used to love drinking a glass of whole milk every night before bed. Only later on did I realize that the milk was the culprit of my discomfort and sleepless nights. Rice milk all the way!

    • Oh no! You poor thing 😦 Who knew how damaging it could be to some people. I got my hubby to give up drinking it and his migraines have been surprisingly less frequent. Thank goodness for alternative milks!

  3. Only humans drink the milk of another animal. Cows produce enough milk for their calf (which has four stomachs) in order to grow and then it begins feeding on grass. So, it only makes sense for babies to drink breast milk to grow and then there is no longer a need. In addition, with all the horrible chemicals injected into animals, it cannot be healthy. Plus, to supply so much milk, these animals are being sucked dry and then tossed off to become meat.
    I completely agree with not eating dairy. However, eating meat is not needed either. The human body is not meant to consume animal carcass. Perhaps as a caveman it was possible, but look at how their bones were formed. They could handle it! Try to use your “claws” and “canines” to eat an animal. The chemicals in the animals are not healthy; The stress that animals go through end up in the body; This does not include horror stories of what goes on in the meat plant nor the lack or rules and regulations the government places on such “foods.”
    Companies are killing us by convincing us that we “need” milk or dairy or meat. There is no need. I recommend the “Skinny Bitch” book. The title is unruly, but the facts they present are mind blowing.
    Thanks for sharing about the dairy lies. I would love to read about your thoughts on meat eating as I continue my journey as a Vegan.

    • I know, that drives me nuts, too! Always forcing milk down children’s throats when they don’t even need it. I’m still trying to understand why we are drinking another animal’s milk.

      I will say that I still eat meat, even after reading Skinny Bitch, I just buy local and from a source I can trust. If I must eat when out, I try to do seafood since it makes me feel better than getting something from a feedlot. That’s another reason why I’d rather cook at home-I can get better quailty and know exactly where my food comes from!

      Good luck on your Vegan journey! I tried it once but didn’t last long once my hubby tempted me with sausage 😉

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