Are You ‘Stopped Up?’

Remember how I did this post on diarrhea?  Yes, I know it’s not a fun subject, but guess what folks, it’s a fact of life.  I know no one will admit to having BM issues, which is fine, but stuff happens.

I wanted to share a product with you that I was told about when I was pregnant with Emma.  I was having some issues in the bathroom and needed assistance.  My friend, who’s a midwife, told me about this supplement called Natural Calm.

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

It’s ‘A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement’ and can be found at most health food stores or from Amazon.  I added a heaping teaspoon to my hot tea, and then drained the mug.  I’m not gonna lie when I say it worked darn near instantly!  And the reason I’m bringing it up now, is that I have been a bad girl lately, and not eating my greens like I’m supposed to, so once again I need some help.  I can’t guarantee it’s a cure-all, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

You have to dissolve it in at least 2-3 oz of hot water, then can add warm or cool water, if desired.  I just added it to my nightly tea and was done.  I may have accidentally let Emma have a sip one time, and it did get her going…almost too much.  It says ‘for children under 4, for pregnant or lactating women, or if you have kidney problems or are currently on medication, consult with your doctor.’

Emma sipping her tea

Remember, I’m not a doctor nor pretend to play one, but I like to pass along info when I remember it.  You know I’m all about sharing the goods (not that kind), especially when it comes to keeping you regular the ebb and flow.

Don’t forget to take your Epsom Salt Baths, too.  I love adding them to my nightly baths, along with some essential oils, to get me really relaxed.  It’s another great way to get your magnesium, though it might not cure your constipation.

2 thoughts on “Are You ‘Stopped Up?’

  1. I love how well this stuff works and I take it pretty regularly… even take it with us when we travel! Great for helping with sleep, too. Magnesium is soooo important, but so under-rated, generally speaking. It’s apparently the most important co-factor for Vitamin D:

    My husband actually likes the way Natural Calm tastes, but I take it in as little water as possible so that I can gulp it down. 🙂

    • Yeah it is hard to get used to, but I’m impressed your hubby likes it! I don’t think mine would give it a second look 😉

      You are right about the importance of magnesium, too. It’s very underrated and taken for granted for that matter. I definitely don’t mind absorbing some in a nice, relaxing bath!

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