Blogiversary I: Get Ready For This!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I started this bad boy?  Yeah, me neither.  I have to say it’s been a wild ride with lots of learning along the way.  I’m happy that this blog is going where it’s going, but I definitely have plans to make it better.

Aww yeah, let’s get your Thursday started right!  For those that know me, my life is either a movie quote or a song, so this is only appropriate.  Random fact: ‘Get Ready for This’ was one of my color guard routines in high school.  Yep, I was a band nerd allstar.

In order to Get Ready for 2013, I’d like to share with you a few of my Crunchy Goals:

#1) Get A Water Filtration System

Berkey water system

I know there are tons out there, and I have heard so much about Berkeys, so I’m determined to find out more about these puppies.  I have always disliked the taste of our hard water and would lurve to get rid of the chemicals (fluoride) in our home, so I can give my family the best water possible.

#2) Learn To Can

home canning guide

This might sound silly to some, but I am dying to know how to can food.  I know my Italian grandmother canned the tar out of some tomatoes growing up, and I would love to know how she dunnit.  I think it would be neat to have my own (homegrown if possible) foods, that have been canned in glass jars, so as not to worry about BPAs in metal cans, right at my fingertips.

#3) Get A Dehydrator

excalibur dehydrator

At the forefront in the Paleo/Raw world seems to be the beloved dehydrator.  I have definitely heard of them but have never used one.  There are tons out there and I have heard great things about Excalibur, though they are pricey.  Who wouldn’t love to have their own homemade grass-fed beef jerky while knowing exactly what’s in it?  I know this snack queen would!

#4) Have A Garden

raised garden beds

If you recall in this post, I did a small garden in pots last year and was somewhat successful.  Josh promised he would build me a raised garden bed this year to A) make it official and B) get the pots off our tiny patio.  Hooray!  I think it’s a win-win for all parties involved, if you ask me.  There’s a local plant nursery that will come out and draw up plans for you, for the low price of $65.  This fee will go back into items you purchase at their store (which I already planned to do), should you decide do so.  Done and done.  My hope is to get them out here next month, so we can start saving our pennies to make my garden grow a reality.

#5) Read More

Nourishing Traditions

When I say read more, I mean crunchy literature.  As I mentioned here, I’m a reading fanatic, but have slacked off lately.  I want to be able to educate myself as well as my readers more, so that involves finding the balance between blogging into the wee hours of the night, and getting lost in some book that tells me sugar causes cancer.  Yippee.

BONUS: #6) Dance!

dance like no one's watching

I may have mentioned before that I love to dance, but have not done much this past year.  Why?  I have no idea.  I am definitely no stranger to the rain shaking my tail feathers, so this is bizarre to me.  I grew up watching my parents dance around the house, my sis and I were in competition dance, and my family closes wedding receptions down cutting a rug.  So, why have I stopped?  Honestly, I’m not sure, but I do want to pick it back up for my sake along with Emma’s.  I do have big aspirations to be a dance mom (not like on TV), though I think Emma wants to do karate, so I need to expose her now.  Even if she has no interest that’s fine, I’d like to take an adult ballet class for me, as a time to get away and reconnect with my first love.

Jess dancing

Nice, huh?

Well, that’s all I have to say about that…for now.

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me on this blogventure.  I have met so many wonderful people in person and via the world wide web, that it encourages me to keep this train chugging along.  If I can reach just one person, or educate them on something crunchy they had never heard about, then my mission is complete!

Feel free to give suggestions/tips/happy comments about my goals.  I’d love to hear from you on if you own or have tried any of these items on my list.  Crunch on!

Note: Photos from here, here, here, herehere, and here.

7 thoughts on “Blogiversary I: Get Ready For This!

  1. I love your post Jess! I now refer to you as my “crunchy friend” who did or said XY and Z. BTW I went out and bought a Snotsucker!

  2. Congrats Jess!! I love your crunchy goals. A lot of them are mine, too like the canning and getting a better dehydrator. I bought a dehydrator last year, but I blew it up. lol. I was a dehydrating fool for 2 months straight. I seriously didn’t turn it off for 2 whole months straight and it stopped working 😦 So, now it’s my mission to get a better dehydrator that can handle my dehydrating obsession! Oh and nice dance pic 😉

    • Thanks! That’s nuts that you blew up your dehydrator…I had no idea you could do that 😉 I’m hoping to attain these goals sooner rather than later, but we shall see. We’ll have to check in with each other and see how it’s going 🙂

  3. A dehydrator is nice and I used one at the end of the season to dry my herbs before the freeze got them. Now CANNING, that one is so fun. Took on things like jams and chutney’s this last year which is rewarding and much tastier, not to mention I have more control over the type of sugars that I use. This year is canning with meats because they can last 3 years on the shelf and that saves elec. from freezing. A few of us are taking a pressure canning class March 9th and looking for more people to join us.

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