Gluten-Free In Dallas: Unrefined Bakery

Remember when I told you last week about Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery here in Dallas and NYC? Well, there’s another bakery in town, called Unrefined Bakery (formerly Wholesome Foods Bakery) and they are…

“a totally Gluten-Free bakery created by Anne and Taylor, a mother/daughter Celiac, Lactose-Intolerant duo. We were tired of the crumbly, dry options we found as Celiacs, and the lack of great Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free choices.”

Unrefined Gluten Free Bakery in Dallas Texas

This one is located in East Dallas by White Rock Lake, and I have to say, after poking around down there at one of the farmer’s market, I kind of wished I lived closer.  Though knowing me, I’d be at the bakery and not be sticking to my Paleo lifestyle (stupid dairy and carbs), so it’s probably a good thing.

Speaking of Paleo, they do offer several choices like sandwich bread, dinner  rolls, and even holiday stuffing.  I scored some on my last visit and it was delicious…though I wasn’t too excited about the price.  I know you have to pay more for gluten-free but I guess I should have asked before my heart said yes.  The Paleo bread and rolls are pretty good, though I feel they could use a smidge more salt in them.  It has been a nice substitute, though,  for making the occasional sandwich or for a vehicle for my pulled pork sliders.

gluten free grain free paleo sandwich bread from Unrefinded Bakery in Dallas

The thing that really impressed me is that their products are/use gluten-free, soy-free, organic, unrefined sugars, non-GMO, and more!  It’s not often that I can go anywhere period  to get a gluten-free AND grain-free sandwich with HOMEMADE MAYO.  Get outta town!  Oh, they also use Applegate Farms Organic and Natural lunch meats, so I know I’m getting the best possible option out there (read: no nitrites, nitrates, hormones, etc.).

On top of the homemade mayo goodness, they offer organic almond and coconut milk, for those that want to add  them to their morning Joe without using dairy.  I have to say I love what they are doing but I know I won’t frequent them that often for the sheer fact of my lifestyle.  And maybe it’s because I don’t eat sweets that much anymore, but their sweet treats are sahweeet!  Woo doggy, I am not used to that much sugar…though Emma had no problem gobbling it up.  Too much sugar for this mama’s comfort.

gluten free cupcake from Unrefined Bakery in Dallas

Check them out if you’re ever in town or want to place an order online-they ship nationwide for those peeps who don’t have access to gluten and grain-free fare like I do.

Oh, and I have to add, when I was visiting there the last time, they had just installed three different flavors of Kombucha on tap!  Ha!  Since I’ve finally gotten on the ‘booch train, I will have to check it out next time I’m their neck of the woods.

Kombucha on tap

Gimme some sugar…have you ever been to or heard of these two gluten-free bakeries?  Does this inspire you to go online right this second and order you some goodies for the holidays?

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