Gluten-Free In Dallas: Tu-Lu’s Bakery

Since I’m on the gluten-free kick, I thought I’d share a few little gems that cater to us gluten-free peeps out there (fad or not).

Enter Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery:

Tu-Lu's gluten-free bakery

It was originally started in New York City, by Tully Phillips and Jennifer Wells, back in 2011 and was a hit! They then decided to come back to where Tully was from and opened a store in Dallas in 2012 (there’s now another location in West Village). I have to say I really dig this place. Yes, I know I don’t do sweets anymore, BUT I had to check this place out when it first opened…for research purposes, of course.

Tu-Lu’s has all kinds of goodies, including some vegan, from cupcakes, to brownies, to quiche. And I just gotta say, their ham, gruyère & tomato quiche is out of this world!

gluten free quiche from tu-lu's bakery

They do do special order cakes that require a 48-hour notice in case you have an event coming up. I just so happened to score one of their cakes the day before Josh’s birthday on a cake-accident…which was a win-win for me.  I ‘like’ them on facebook and scored one of their customer’s mix-up the day before his birthday.  Hooray for waiting until the last minute!

Don’t be deterred if you don’t live in Dallas or NYC (my favorite place), they do have online ordering, so you won’t feel totally left out or mad at me.  So give them a shot if you are missing your gluten-free sweets and don’t feel like making a whole batch of cupcakes because you will eat them all just for 1 person.

gluten free brownies from tu-lu's bakery

Stay tuned for more gluten-free goodness around this great state of Texas.  Ya’ll enjoy!

Note: Photo from here.

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