Hippie Halloween: The Logistics

Don’t worry, I’m not extremely hippie…yet.

The reason for this post was to explore what I will do with future Halloweens and to see what you do with your family.  Growing up, we always did the dress up bit and go around the neighborhood getting some yummy loot, but I decided to change that this year.  I’m calling myself the Grinch of Halloween since Emma has to endure without the usual trick or treating that just about everyone does.

I honestly couldn’t bring myself to let her go door-to-door to get stuff that A) I don’t feed her anyway and B) I would not let her eat once she got home.  It’s heart wrenching enough to tell her no to gluten infested foods, so I didn’t want to tease her and let her gather goodies with no intention of her eating them.  Like I said, I’m a Grinch.  But I am totally okay with that.

The other purpose of this post was to share what awesome neighbors we have!  There’s a couple (around my parent’s age) across the street whom we see daily and often go over to play with their two dogs.  The wife asked if Emma ate candy, to which I said no, then asked if there was something they could get her for Halloween.  The thought alone was incredibly sweet on multiple levels.  I appreciate that they asked before assuming I gave her those things, then I was shocked at them even thinking to get her some ‘mama-approved goodies.’  The wife didn’t think I was crazy for not giving her candy, so I truly appreciate where she was coming from.

I rattled off that she likes dried fruits (no added sugar), all kinds of nuts, and of course fruit.  The kid can eat the tar outta some berries now!  So they thanked me and said they’d come up with something.  I had no idea what to expect, until they rang my doorbell just before dusk and brought her a gift.  I was hoping they weren’t trick or treaters cuz I didn’t have anything to give them.

Halloween fruit basket

Personally, I think Emma scored with her loot.  I know I’m crunchy and a bit overly excitable, but it was very kind of them to do.  In her very own pumpkin (that weighed 5 pounds) were some cashews, almonds, plum-Amazins, and fruit.  Being my kid, she immediately dove into the nuts and was grabbing for the apple as I was trying to take the pic.  I let her snack on those while I finished dinner and these yummy Grain-Free Pumpkin Cake Bars from Food Renegade.

I don’t think Halloween was a total bust but this will get me thinking for the ones to come.  Maybe next year I could pass out fruit or some Tanka Bars…ha!  Josh said we would get egged and rolled if we did that.  Maybe we’ll just get out of the house for the night and head to the bookstore liked Emma wanted.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Emma did kind of dress up.  We have a ‘grandma’ that loves our little girl like her own and was kind enough to make Em a costume (without me even asking).  She went with M&Ms since we have an Emma and the grandma has an Emily–I thought it was cute.  And at the request of Emma, it had to be blue since that is her favorite color.  She even sat through face painting…what a big girl!

Alright, I’ve rambled enough on my crunchy, lackluster Halloween.  Now you tell me.  Do you do traditional celebrating and pass out candy goodness or is there an ounce of crunchiness in you that makes you think about what you might be giving out to the wee little ones?

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