The No-Poo Hair Care Method

Remember this clip?

Haha!  Does anyone else think of that Billy Madison clip when it comes to shampoo and conditioner?  No, just me?  I can’t help it, I love me some stupid funny!

I would like to share with you a few tips I discovered on our week-long vacation road trip that we took at the end of June.  Emma and I headed down to my hometown of Corpus Christi, for some fun in the sun, and spent a few days visiting my parents, in Austin, to break up the wonderful eight-hour drive with a toddler.  We had a blast getting caught in a few rain storms and checking out the gluten-free eateries in the cities we passed through and can’t wait to tell you about them soon!

At the beginning of June, I went to get my bi-annual haircut from a place called The Styling Hutch.  They specialize in curly hair, and my stylist told me to try a little baking soda for that product buildup I was having on my new growth.  I had been noticing that it felt very greasy on the crown of my head, where my natural color was growing out, and was so ready to be done with it.  I knew the highlights helped it but I wanted to push through and let my natural color grow out.  In an effort to go au natural, I thought it best to stop coloring my hair (that have been doing since maybe high school), since I figure those chemicals aren’t good and I could also save some money and the planet at the same time.

When at my parent’s house, I finally bit the bullet and tried it.  I had read on a few other crunchy blogs to use baking soda for shampoo and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (ACV) for conditioner, called the No-Poo Method.  I knew the baking soda would strip my hair, which I needed, but wasn’t on board with using it daily or every other day.  There were different ways to apply it; like putting some of each item in a spray bottle and watering it down or just pouring a small amount in your hand; I opted for the latter.

No-Poo Hair Care Method is where you use ONLY baking soda in water as your cleanser and apple cider vinegar (ACV) in water as your rinse. No shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products.

UPDATE: I am doing the “no-poo” method regularly now, though I learned you only need to no-poo once a week and use just water every other time.  I absolutely love it!  I also use it on Emma (just the baking soda) when she takes a shower with me, once or twice a week.

I would love to give you exact measurements but I just kind of eyeballed it for the baking soda and vinegar. It felt like I needed more of both the first time I tried it, so I just poured more in my hand and ‘lathered.’

And to answer the question of did my hair smell like the vinegar, no it did not. At least I couldn’t tell. Since my hair is curly I do add some mousse before diffusing, though, so that could have helped.

The results: AMAZING!!! I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was! I had my mom feel it multiple times because I.just.couldn’! I wish a picture would have done it justice but sadly I didn’t snap one since I didn’t think you would be able to tell anyway.

When the hair dresser told me to try the baking soda, she said try it once then to wait two weeks to do it again. I was curious what it would do if I waited only a week and it was still soft but not like the initial wash.

I did find this tip from a talking about DIY Shampoo that was very insightful:

Hi Claire,

First, let me say I’ve been using baking soda to wash my hair and acv (apple cider vinegar) to condition for years!

I keep a plastic cup (actually, it’s a brown hydrogen peroxide bottle I cut the top off) in the shower. I keep a sugar bowl filled with baking soda to use as a face scrub/wash and I literally take a couple pinches from the bowl (probably 2-3 tsp worth), throw it in the cup, and then fill the cup almost full with warm shower water. I stir it up with my fingers, wet my hair, then pour on the baking soda solution. It’s great for daily use, removing chlorine from swimming pools, and getting out hair products or gunk. I massage it in, then I rinse. I follow with acv–about 1/4 cup in the same brown cup, fill with water, rinse. The vinegar itself closes the hair cuticle so therefore acts as a conditioner. Wonderful and cheap!

I caution your readers about your high ratio of baking soda to water mixture b/c on the occasions I did use more baking soda (2 T worth ) for a more “scrubby” experience, it actually dried my hair out terribly (like straw) and actually lightened it a little. Too much baking soda will absolutely strip your hair of oils and dry it. I’d suggest your readers might try making it fresh, per use.

Finally, when I want extra conditioning, I rub a few drops of evoo (extra virgin olive oil) on my hands and then run my hands/fingers through my hair. Lovely. 

The last tip I will leave you with is that you don’t need to put your shampoo or conditioner all over your hair.  If you just get the roots, which is the living part, the water will wash the residual product over the rest of your hair.

Is this crazy/crunchy or what!?  I never would have thought in a million years that I’d try it, but I’m learning to never say ‘never.’  Has anyone else tried this or is this your standard fare for your hair?

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