Rumor Has It: Zoya Nail Polish

I can’t get that Adele song outta my head, so let’s hear it, shall we?  I promise this song ties into today’s post.

Some time ago when I was visiting my sister in Houston, we stopped by a little nail salon called Rumor Has It.  I didn’t think anything of it at first, but all of a sudden while soaking in my green tea foot bath, it dawned on me…there was no nasty chemical smell going on in there.  Say what!?  We were both shocked and eventually realized that no one was walking around with those masks on to protect themselves as we were able to breathe freely.  This is crazy talk, I know, but it’s true!  Allow me to introduce you to some new products:

It wasn’t until my sis bought me a bottle of the nail polish, that I realized this stuff wasn’t half bad (and probably the reason the salon didn’t reek).  The brand is called Zoya and on the back of the bottle they state: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor Free.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard of half of those items and definitely don’t want to be ingesting them for me or baby girl.  And I will admit that after using the ‘other’ stuff you can totally tell a difference in the strong odors that linger in the bathroom after painting.  So now I am officially hooked on this new polish and am loving the color she got me, it feels very summer-y!

As you know, I can’t stop there.  Since I had a better nail polish, I figured there’s got to be a better tasting smelling nail polish remover out there as well.  On one of my weekly visit to Sprouts, I found Peacekeeper Cause-Metics eco-easy nail polish remover.  It’s made from sugar beets, rosemary and spearmint.  Sounds edible to me!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat it but it does have a pleasant aroma, and once again leaves no lingering odors for me to loathe.  One thing to note is, you do have to hold the remover on the polish for about 30 seconds to make sure it cuts through.  I figure no biggie since it’s a product I don’t mind Emma stumbling across.

As I’m writing this, this actually got me to thinking that if there were more places like this salon, I might be enticed to let Emma go.  It just bothers me that young girls are exposed to these chemicals at such a young age nowadays.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t get my nails done until high school, so I can’t imagine the damage that’s being done at such a tender age.  And on that note, I will spread my PSA that I told my best friend’s daughter at her 10th birthday party.  Be leery of putting your hands and feet under the UV lights in those nail salons.  When I worked at a winery a few years ago, a guy came in airing his freshly painted nails (he lost a bet) and told me he was a plastic surgeon and that they are seeing more cases of skin cancer (on hands and feet) from using those ‘drying’ lights.  That was a red flag for me!  Duly noted.  I guess, too, if you are gluten-free like me, pass on the spray as well-I noticed is has wheat in the ingredient list (as a drying agent?).  I still can’t wrap my head around things they use wheat in anymore…soy sauce, envelopes, sausage!?  Seriously!  What is this wheat-happy world coming to?

So there.  I’ve said my peace, and yes I do feel better; so let me have it.  Am I crazy for trying to find better products or have you even heard of them before?  At least now you know there are alternatives out there, and knowing’s half the battle!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked for these products. 

3 thoughts on “Rumor Has It: Zoya Nail Polish

  1. Is it bad to use the nail drying sprays? I still get mixed info but have been told by someone who is most educated on celiac that unless you are ingesting it it’s okay to use. I.e. not lipstick as it’s on your lips but a spray on your feet?????

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