Howdy ya’ll!

If you live in Texas or have ever visited in the spring, you know how lovely it is to see our beautiful state flower scattered along the state highways.  It is such a gorgeous site and you will see people literally pulled over on the side of the interstate to take pictures of their little ones in a field of flowers.  I, too, got the bug after Emma was born but never got a chance to surround her with such beauty since they don’t last very long.  This year I was determined to get ‘er done and there was no stopping me this time!  So I headed up to the cemetery that is a half of a mile down the road and I finally took the initiative to go sans hubby.

I know it seems a bit morbid to be taking happy photos in the bluebonnets but it’s almost kind of peaceful to see them growing in such a sacred place.  Luckily, I found a photographer who was walking around trying to find the perfect spot and had her snap some photos of mama and baby girl!

Good thing she had a good eye for shots and getting Emma’s attention for even a millisecond.  Oh how I love that girl!

I was actually surprised to find this rare beauty…would it be called a white bluebonnet or a whitebonnet?  Who knows; I just thought they were pretty.

So if you’re ever visiting Texas in the early spring, be sure to pull over on the side of the road or find you a good ditch and get to snapping.  Make sure you don’t pick ’em though, it’s illegal!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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