OXXO: A Greener Laundry Cleaner

Have you ever thought about the funky, chemical-y smell that comes off of your clothes when you bring them home from the dry cleaners?  No?  I guess that’s just me.  Well I have thought about it and don’t particularly like it.  Since I stay at home now, I don’t typically have too many garments to dry clean but that does mean I get to take my hubby’s in from time to time.  I have known that greener cleaners existed but never ventured to find one close to home.  The one by me is literally within walking distance, which baby girl and I did one nice evening only to be overwhelmed at Josh’s laundry load, so it’s convenient.  But ever since turning over this crunchy leaf, I thought I need to get serious about being healthier not only in the kitchen.  I will say Josh happened to be watching a Dr. Oz episode with me where he talked about airing out your clothes when you get them back from the cleaners to help get the smell out…though I’m thinking the vapors have to go somewhere, right?

When we first moved into our home I was on the hunt for a new cleaners and briefly saw one called OXXO Care Cleaners but thought it just your normal cleaner.  Apparently I was wrong and went 2½ years not knowing they were a green laundry cleaner.  Um yeah, I’ll go ahead and blame it on the proximity rule.  I don’t totally remember what made me rethink of this place (I still blame baby brain), but I think it came up again in one of those local fliers that gets circulated and is usually tossed straight into the recycle bin without a solitary glance, type of thing.  The point is, I rediscovered OXXO and took a few items in to be laundered since I wanted to see the price difference before unloading two weeks’ worth of clothing in there.  I felt like it did cost more, at least for the pants, but they didn’t have that funky smell when I brought them home.  I still aired them out since it’s habit and wanted to inspect their handiwork.  The hubster usually gets medium starch but they only have light or heavy; I went for light.

The lowdown is this.  They don’t have Iron Press machines, so they hand iron; they have a two-day turnaround; they use GreenEarth Cleaning; and you can pick up 24/7!  Crazy I know!  I decided to give their Automated Retrieval System a try even though they were open because I thought it would be fun.  Sure enough, after I put my card in the machine, I waited a few minutes and my clothes were brought directly to me through their retrieval window, all hanging nice and neat.  I think it’s a brilliant concept: drop off, with the reusable laundry bag they give you, and pick up your clothes at any time day or night.  It also adds to the fact of being green and not surrounding Emma with that nasty perchloroethylene (perc).

In case you’re wondering, GreenEarth Cleaning is a ‘brand name that refers to an exclusive dry cleaning process that replaces the petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with liquid silicone.  Liquid silicone is an odorless, colorless solution that is an excellent carrier for detergents, has ideal properties for fabric care and is better for the environment.’

Well there you have it, a greener cleaner that seems to be comparable in price while making less of an impact on the planet.  Do your research and see what’s out there in hopes of finding better ways to take care of one another and the future of our bambinos.

Note: photo from here.

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