The Snotsucker: An Alternative to the Bulb Syringe

Ok, I know this is going to be a crazy one for some of you but I HAVE to share the wealth.  My lovely crunchy friend, Mags, told me about this device when she came for a visit, and let me tell you we talked crunchy from the moment I picked her up til the moment she begrudgingly had to leave!  I swear if someone from the ‘other side’ heard us talking about our methods they would look at us like we were from another planet.  We talked of how to strip cloth dipes, how to make reusable wipes, and yet another wonderful use for distilled white vinegar.  I know I had officially gone crunchy when Mags’ 9 month old daughter pooped on Emma’s little potty and I was beaming with pride (that’s a whole other post).  But here’s the thing about being crunchy: when other ‘crunchies’ share tips with you, you heed their words and pass on the crunch.

Here’s the real reason you need a snotsucker!

bulb syringe cut in half with mold

That device came up again that very same week while I was staying with my sister and her family for a few days in Houston.  Her hubby came home and told her about this gadget called the ‘snotsucker.’  Sadly, his co-worker knows that my sis is obsessed with sucking snot out of cleaning out their 10 month old son’s nose since it always seems to be running (I think).  I remember Mags telling me about it even though I kind of dismissed it kept in my back pocket to look into later on.  Basically it’s a nasal aspirator that sucks the snot, from little and big nostrils, called a NoseFrida and it’s made in Sweden.  The crazy thing is-now hear me out first-that you (the adult) put the nozzle in the kid’s nose then put the mouthpiece in your mouth and you suck!  Nuts I know!  Mags let me know that the hubby’s seem to be able to suck harder. Ha!

So my sister and I ran to Whole Foods to grab one before they closed along with a pack of extra filters, since they are a onetime use.  Before you get all grossed out, there A) is a filter to protect any snot getting through and B) a long tube from the chamber to the mouthpiece, so there’s no chance of coming in contact with their snot.

I did tell my hubby about this crazy device and he kind of laughed it off and said that Emma would be blowing her nose soon, so no need for yet another baby gadget in the house.  Well fast forward a few weeks later and Emma woke up one morning with snot pouring out of her nose.  I had no idea where that came from nor thought she was sick, but alas the snot was sheer evidence.  This went on for a few days: me wiping her nose, her wiping her nose, me pinning her down so I could use one of those membrane scraping little noses nasal aspirator to give her some relief until I cracked.  Soon there was a rush after breakfast to run to the nearest store to get one for her…I was a M.O.M (mama on a mission).  After 2 failed attempts (one being the baby store giant) I went to Whole Foods and knew I’d have luck, right? Right?  Wrong.  I did, however, come back with a different version called Baby NäsaKleen.

Yes, I was sad not to have the more popular snotsucker BUT the one I got included the sucker along with 20 filters and was only $10 compared to the NoseFrida where the device is about $17 and a pack of 20 filters is $4.  *Not too shabby especially for doing the same thing as the more expensive one.  I do like that it comes in its own little carrying case for easy storage and portability.

UPDATE: I now own both devices (after having Sophia) and have to say I really prefer the NäsaKleen, due to the rubber tip, how it breaks up into smaller pieces for cleaning, and the hard mouthpiece.

I will say I knew the device worked because my sister tried in on herself to see what it was like.  And let me tell ya, that was the most hilarious thing EVER, seeing my sis walk around the house sucking her own snot and grinning all the while!  Hey sometimes it’s the little things in life.  Actually, it gave her some relief since she now has allergy issues and gets stopped up from time to time.  I promise to spare you the shot of me trying-to-hold-Emma-down-while-sucking-her-nose-and-Josh-trying-to-take-a-picture-of-it, cuz that’s just mean.  So far she fights it like the other sucker (though you can see how much you are getting out) and I don’t blame her one bit.

Well there you have it, an 800 word post on snotsucking.  I would highly suggest this over the aspirator you get in the hospital or my fave, little noses brand, since the scrapping of the brain seems a tad unpleasant.  You decide.  At least you know there’s another option out there and us mama’s and daddy’s can spread the word.  Leave it to the Europeans to come up with a gentler device for the wee little ones.

Remember: Don’t kiss your honey when your nose is runny, you may think it’s funny but it’s SNOT!  Suck on my friends.

Note: Photos from here and here.

6 thoughts on “The Snotsucker: An Alternative to the Bulb Syringe

  1. HAHAHAH you outted me!! i dont care tho. i got to see what baby would be feeling with the device used on him. 🙂 Crunch on sis! 🙂

  2. I actually cheat and use the filters more than one time *as long as* there is not an uber amount of snot that has gotten onto the filter. The filter is more of a protection between me and the babe’s snot…I’m already full of germs, so I’m ok with it. Just a little way to save some $$ I know. Lexi still resists getting her nose sucked, but not nearly as much as the awful membrane scratcher AND we get A LOT more out. Another trick to try is to spray some saline solution (I just kind of drop it in there actually) about 3-5 min ahead of time and that REALLY helps to loosen things up. This is especially helpful if she has a really really clogged nose.

  3. very cool. lucky for me Lorelei learned to blow her nose 4 or 5 months ago. all i have to do is hand her a snot rag and she starts blowing, but I might go pick one up incase lil baby boy doesn’t catch on as quick!

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