Teething: Amber Teething And Hazel Wood Necklaces

It seems like there is an underground group of (crunchy) people who have heard of them and I for one was not part of that.  Basically Baltic Amber is believed to aid in pain relief, strengthen the immune system, restore energy, maintain wellness, and help with inflammation.  When it is worn on the skin, it is said that the beads react to the warmth of the skin and emit calming factors for the wearer.  If that’s the case, maybe every single one of us should be wearing one!

Emma’s pediatrician was the first to tell me about an online store that had them since I was desperate to help with the teething.  I’m sure I had seen them on BabySteals and thought yeah right, just another gimmick.  But I went ahead and checked out the website for HipGreenBaby and placed an order for a necklace when Emma was about 7 months (you can also order from the Nappy Shoppe).  If you were like me and thought oh ok it’s a necklace for a baby to teethe on, right?  Wrong!  They are not meant to chew on them, they are just meant to be worn, 24/7 if you like.  I would occasionally put the necklace on her here and there but usually take it off at night or for bathtime but when the molars started coming in, that baby was on all the time!  Sure, I got comments like ‘oh, what a cute necklace she has on’ and immediately felt like I had to defend her and why she was wearing it.  But then I learned people honestly didn’t know what they were so I wanted to educate them.

Amber is a natural analgesic and when worn on the skin, it releases healing oils that helps babies and young children to stay calm and more relaxed thoughout teething. Amber necklaces are a great natural remedy and can eliminate the need for over the counter drugs.

Now that Emma has all her teeth it feels like I don’t need it anymore but it has kind of become a staple.  I’m so used to seeing her wear it all the time that I still leave it on.  Who knows, maybe it does help keep her calm.  I have to say I swear by them especially when it was molar time since no one warned me how terrible those were going to be!  If you do decide to get one make sure it’s from a reputable source-I did see reviews on Amazon for fake beads which are a no go and make sure it’s short so your little one isn’t tempted to chew on it.  Be prepared to spend about $20 for one, but if you were like me, you would do anything to help your baby get through teething!  You can also get them from The Nappy Shoppe if you don’t have a place locally.  Check out this post to make sure they’re aren’t fake.

Another option I just learned about are Hazel wood necklaces.  It can be worn to help relieve skin problems, relieve acid-related ailments (acid reflux, ulcers, and even Morning Sickness), as a teething remedy, etc.  This puppy sounds like a cure-all!  You can get more info on them from Inspired by Finn on the benefits of these necklaces.  I did buy a couple of them but have yet to try them out.  A lady I know wore one during pregnancy to keep morning sickness at bay and has them on several of her children.  The options are out there you just need to do a little research.

So there you have it-the infamous Amber teething necklaces plus a new addition.  Have you heard about them or gotten on board with either one?  Do you feel they work or is it all in their heads?  I figure it couldn’t hurt to try it out, maybe it just helps me feel better knowing it’s supposed to be helping her out.  Got that?

8 thoughts on “Teething: Amber Teething And Hazel Wood Necklaces

  1. Great to see it is working for your baby! Amber teething necklaces are very popular in Baltic countries and have been around for a long time! I am happy to see the becoming more and more popular in US too!

  2. I didn’t know about these until a desperate midnight google search! lol And I thought they were for chewing at first, too! You are right to make sure you’re buying a real baltic amber teething necklace that is knotted on either side of each bead. I couldn’t live without them!

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