Stuper Bowl

Don’t get mad at me.  I like to watch a game of men chasing each other around after a ball all the while getting paid millions of dollars as much as the next guy.  I also like to watch those funny commercials that make me LOL (even though I can’t stand that acronym) along with less than stellar half-time shows (oh Madge how you did disappoint-I know it was due to the pulled hamstring).  But the reason for my lament, is the fact that we grilled out for a few friends and my loving hubby decided we needed to serve non-paleo fare to our guests since some probably won’t enjoy our new ‘lifestyle.’

I tried to blame Josh for holding the cheese grater to my head and MAKING me eat the cheese and other dairy goodness but alas it was my own fault.  Dang that feeling of ‘I already give up enough going by gluten-free so it’s okay to eat some dairy and a few said grains for a celebration, right?!’  I admit it-I sometimes.  It’s a downfall I have.  I am easily persuaded and by that I mean, you want me to slice that giant block of cheese and sample it for you?  No problemo, I’m your gal!  So needless to say I felt like poo before we even sat down to the main meal.  Yes, I know it’s my own fault and that I ate it because it tasted so darn good but in the end my stomach had to pay.  I guess it’s like people who are supposed to be following a gluten-free diet (though I’m thinking we all should be) and say it’s okay if I cheat just this one time: I’ll be strict right after I eat this bowl of wheat pasta smothered in flour thickened sauce topped with breaded chicken.  Good choice, right?   WRONG!

Luckily I tried to incorporate some paleo recipes out of my cookbooks and they were actually a hit!  Along with the smoked ribs and sausage, we had Walnut Red Pepper Dip, “No Potato” Salad, and my Pinterest-inspired Apple Chips.

So it wasn’t a total bust but I was unable to enjoy my meal due to a severe case of bloating.  Yes folks, that’s how I react to gluten and apparently now gluten-free grains and whey.  Boo for school.  I even tried my usual cup of tea at the end of the night and that seemed to soothe me or maybe that was all in my head.  Oh well, we had fun hanging out with friends and watching Emma dance to Madonna’s half-time show then exclaiming ‘more dance’ so we could keep rewinding it for her.  I guess I can write this one off for the year and HOPE to learn from it for the next time.

Now tell me, how did everyone celebrate Super Bowl or did you?  Did you eat paleo, non-paleo, gluten-free, or gluten-infested?  Was I the only one in pain?  Say it ain’t so!

4 thoughts on “Stuper Bowl

  1. Hi Jess,
    Will you please post the no potatoe salad recipe? I LOVE that stuff! Also am going to try my hand at the nutty cookies. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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